NASA Applauds Chandrayaan’s Success


After Chandrayaan-I’s Success accolades are pouring in from many parts of the world. Its been a dream that the India’s first mission to moon a successful, right now the Chandrayaan-I is in the moon’s orbit. When we travell in time machine and probably if it permits, we could see NASA sending Satellite to moon, It failed twice or thrice… come back to present, India in its maiden launch of moon’s mission Succeded all the above. No wonder, NASA is now all praise for India. Its representative in India Dr Alok Chatterjee has been keeping a continuous vigil on the health of the Chandrayaan satellite since NASA is flying two instruments on the Indian mission. In an phone interview Dr Alok Chatterjee, NASA’s Representative in India said that India is doing Great in its maiden launch itself and also he said he is Excited.

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