Woman of the Year and She is just 10


It would be interesting when two things from far apart resembles in any of the Kinds. Here is a story like that, Two kids from far apart are in same line Today  because of their acts. Nujood Ali of Yemen was voted by a British lifestyle magazine as ” Woman of the Year ” for her courageous journey from enduring marital rape and beatings to a baffled courtroom where no one had any idea about how to deal with her request for divorce.  Same way there is yet another case in Briton. Lets think of  both, 2 , not even matured enough to understand  the life is in this strange condition.  Briton Hannah Jones won the right to choose a dignified death over a life that has mostly been spent in hospitals. What makes their stories even more remarkable is that Nujood is 10 years old while Hannah is 13.



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