Briton jailed for repeatedly raping his daughters


A British man who fathered seven children by raping his two daughters was jailed for life in a case described by the judge as the worst he had ever seen. The name which can’t be revealed out for some security reason  made his daughters pregnant 19 times over a 25-year period of abuse. He was 56 years old. His term in jail will be of atleast 19 years. He made his elder daughter pregnant seven times and the younger 12 times. A same anectode happened in Austria where Josef Fritzl, who fathered seven children with his daughter, whom he kept locked in a dungeon for 24 years, before being discovered in April.


One Response to “Briton jailed for repeatedly raping his daughters”

  1. charlie sou Says:

    Who is this Mr X ? Why is his name being withheld?
    Is this another jew monster I.E Fritzl..who is being protected by the jewish judiciary , and the jewish controlled media? The name Mr X does not suffice!
    Unmask! Unmask !
    This case would be worldwide news if it happened to be ANYTHING other than a jew…
    But of course the jew media will tell you that his identity was withheld for the sake of the children ??
    Unmask!.. I say again ..Unmask !!

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