Mumbai Terror Attacks- Kills 100, Hostages Held


Gunmen killed at least 80 people in a series of attacks in India’s financial capital Mumbai and they began moving into one of two five-star hotels, where Western hostages were being held, Report. Tourists were also taken as the Hostages from Oberai Hotels and Taj Mahal Hotels. A witness said that sound of firing were heared and fumes were seen as he was watching. Police said at least 250 people were wounded in the Mumbai attacks which, apart from the hotels, also targeted hospitals and railway stations. The Cafe Leopold, perhaps the most famous restaurant and hang-out for tourists in the city, was also hit. Organisation called Deccan Mujahideen claimed for the Attack. ” I guess they were after foreigners, because they were asking for British or American passports.   They came from the restaurant and took us up the stairs  “, said Rakesh Patel, a British witness who lives in Hong Kong and was staying at the Taj Mahal hotel on business.


2 Responses to “Mumbai Terror Attacks- Kills 100, Hostages Held”

  1. breda Says:

    These attacks are the seeds of revenge and hatreds , the impact for the waging of wars on Afghanistan,Iraq, the increase attacks on tribal region killing civilians, the effects of lasting impact on cruelty,tortures,slaughters of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Gharib prisons especially during the invasion and occupation of Iraq,the continued pledged for US attacks and show off millitary might. Where these people hv no millitary might to retaliate, their kind of war will be like this Mumbai attacks.

    Bushes made huge mistakes that not only US but its allies and the whole world now in danger or affected in some way or other. Millitary actions and more financial aids are much needed in the congo crisis than in Afghanistan or Pakistan or chasing after one man Osama bin Laden shadow almost a decade,just like destroying whole nation to capture one Sadam Hussain. Where’s the rationale?

    What the world want is not more confrontation, more aggressiveness,more invasions and occupations and wars. We want peace and we want rational and peaceful Leaders who are not war chiefs who are with attitude that showing off millitary might or superiority is the way to gain respect or rule the world.

    Let’s remember this Confucious saying`DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT u DO NOT WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO U.

  2. Rodrigo Díaz Says:

    These attacks are the cause of Radical ISLAM, breda.

    Long before the “Bushes”…Islamic’s killed. Point is, the world is going to have to come to grips with…Killing a LOT more Islamics, until “moderate” (if there are any) Muslims say enough and do something about the parasitic killers that live among them.

    Then ‘they’ can happily live in their 7th-8th Century minds.

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