Mumbai Attack Could Attack Cricket Economy


The terror attacks in India can have serious recovery on world cricket’s economy because India generates 70 percent of the game’s revenues. Due to this terror attack England left home without playing the remaining 2 ODI and the tests are in Chaos. More than two days later, the Taj operation has finally reached its end as the NSG commandos take control of the hotel. The number of death tool to 195 and injured to 300 above. The 6th floor of the hotel is fully damaged and completely destroyed in fire. The restoration is being hard. All 4 terrorists inside the hotel were shot dead. However the situation is gettin back to normal. Meanwhile Karmabir, the general manager of Taj who lost his wife and children  is still at work. NSG chief J K Dutt said ” The Taj encounter is over and three terrorists had been gunned down on Saturday morning. Two terrorists were gunned down on Friday “. In the fight one Commando was killed.  ” If you look at Pakistan and Sri Lanka, they quite clearly have their own political difficulties. India has always floated just below the surface “, Jonathan Ticehurst, a sports  expert said.


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