Kerala CM Apologises to The Killed Major’s Family


The row between Kerala CM VS Achuthanandan and killed NSG commando Major Unnikrishnan’s family doesn’t seem to be ending soon. He said that he had a great Respect to the family and will never make an Apology. It was alleged that Mr CM said that had it not been for Major Unnikrishnan, not even a dog would have come to his home. Major Unnikrishnan was slained in the Mumbai terror attack, He was settled in Bangalore. The funeral took place in Bangalore and was attended by the Karnatake CM B S Yeddyurappa. Later Kerala Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan on Wednesday apologised for his remarks against the family of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was killed fighting terrorists in Mumbai. ” I am sad that Sandeep’s family was hurt by my remark. I apologise for that “, Achuthanandan said to the media. Earlier he denied using some derogratory remarks against Major’s family. He also said that the Media and others misunderstood his wordings.


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