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Fraud in PMO- accountant held for transferring money



It was reported that the 28-year old man who fudged money from PMO was under scanner after he took a days leave. For that day he was replaced by another Guy and he found the fudgeing that was carried by him. The guy who named Vikas Rana is accused of transferring  money to his personal accounts from PMO….

Download Songs of Slumdog Millionaire Free

Slumdog Millionaire is a Britain Movie directed by A british Director and There are bollywood actors in it. This movie own 4 Gloden globes Award and is nominated for Oscars too. The music director of thid movie is AR Rehman and is nominated for 3 Oscar awards for the original score and two original songs,…..





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Swearing in Ceremony of Obama-44th President



Today is History because of the swearing in ceremony of the first Africian president in the white house. Mr Obama and his Vice candidate Biden were looking a regersal yesterday in Lincon Auditorium. It was said in a report that the Starting of the festival takes place at 10 am in America and 8.30 pm in india and it goes on with the dance programme. For this wonderful day a special car was built with lot of facilities inside namely bullet proof glass and what not….

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XAT results are out 2009-Click here


It is not sure that the results are out. It was said so and the link below will help you to find the scorecard if the results are out. All the best for your future….

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Download Globes award winning Movie Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog millioniare movie tells us how a young boy wins crorepathi in Mumbai and all his sufferings in Mumbai. It is selected for the Golden Globes Award and won 4 Awards for Best score, screenplay…







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Download Movie Chandni Chowk to China for Free