Download Songs of Slumdog Millionaire Free

Slumdog Millionaire is a Britain Movie directed by A british Director and There are bollywood actors in it. This movie own 4 Gloden globes Award and is nominated for Oscars too. The music director of thid movie is AR Rehman and is nominated for 3 Oscar awards for the original score and two original songs,…..





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the making>>


4 Responses to “Download Songs of Slumdog Millionaire Free”

  1. Kajol Says:

    The movie has shown the true colour of India.this is the life of slumdogs which we never even notice. And today an outsider like Dany Boyle has shown us something which is our own. Thanks to Dany boyle……

  2. Srinivasan Says:

    it is a fantastic ovie

  3. raksha Says:

    It truly deserves an “OSCAR”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. slumblogmillionaire Says:

    I hope danny boyle takes some of that money and makes some of the situation better for the street kids. the movie made 159 million off of a 15 million investment.

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