Swearing in Ceremony of Obama-44th President



Today is History because of the swearing in ceremony of the first Africian president in the white house. Mr Obama and his Vice candidate Biden were looking a regersal yesterday in Lincon Auditorium. It was said in a report that the Starting of the festival takes place at 10 am in America and 8.30 pm in india and it goes on with the dance programme. For this wonderful day a special car was built with lot of facilities inside namely bullet proof glass and what not….

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Obama Announces Hillary as Secretary of States


US President-elect Barack Obama on Monday announced the name for the Secretary of States and Defence Secretary for his Administeration as Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates respectively. Other members were also announced Officially. They are…
Vice President-elect Joe Biden
Eric Holder as Attorney General
Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
Susan Rice as Ambassador to the United Nations
General Jim Jones as the new National Security Adviser

” In this uncertain world, the time has come for a new beginning – a new dawn of American leadership to overcome the challenges of the 21st century, and to seize the opportunities embedded in those challenges “, Obama said in a statement issued by his transition team.

Hillary is the Next Secretary of States

Obama,The Modern Roosevelt to Tame Crisis


US President-elect Barack Obama has been compared to Kennedy, a phenomenon and in some circles even a messiah. But as the US economy falls into a deeper recession, Obama is also being compared to former Democratic US President Franklin D Roosevelt. Also, the 2008 election is being compared to the election of 1932, that swept Franklin D Roosevelt into the Oval office. Crisis at that time Was regulated by President Roosevelt’s radio speeches, now by President-elect Barack Obama’s internet Voice and by the speech ” THE CHANGE “… ” There are important similarities in the political style. FDR was a very calm figure with his cigarette holder and his sort of Bon-vivant style. Obama projects a sense of style and also a sense of optimism “, said Prof David Denoon. This depression is similar to 1930’s and Now Obama faces in 2008, thats the only difference.

Obama Finally Spoke with Manmohan Singh


US President-elect Barack Obama called up Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday morning. In the phone call their discussions were mainly on the Partnership between the two Countries and working together to eliminate global crisis. Earlier, there had been speculation that America’s President-elect had ignored India, when making diplomatic calls to leaders around the world.

Obama,The First ‘Wired’ US President


Barack Obama is likely to be the first fully wired President of the United States, given the millions of e-mail addresses and a political operation that harnessed the Internet like no campaign before it. Obama’s allies are preparing a major communication channel from the White house enabling to reach the supporters directly. As is to John F. Kennedy’s Television message to public Barack Obama is giving message through Internet. Television was considered as internet those days to get info. ” He’s going to be the first president to be connected in this way, directly with millions of Americans “, Trippi said.

Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Laureate Praises Obama


South African writer and Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer, known for her campaign against apartheid, has given Barack Obama her blessings. The winner of Nobel prize for Literature in 1991 said, Obama half black and half white understands both the people and will work for bringing them together thus putting an end to Racisism. She is now 85 and all her life she had worked against apartheid. She had written 13 Novels and 200 Short Stories. ” I have a view of it that I’m sorry to say has not been expressed sufficiently. And that is, right, he is celebrated as a black man. But it is not pointed out that he is half white and half black “, Nadine said. ” To me that symbolically represents a kind of advance in recognising the human tribe as one. In other words, he is bring together within his own DNA, his blood, what we all wish to see is the end of racism. I hope this symbolism means something “, she added.