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The Undisputed Chess Champion-Anand

As Viswanathan Anand grabbed a draw in the 11th game even as the Russian challenger tried his level best to create imbalances and make something of it and prolong his stay in the title clash. The draw in the 11th game gave Anand a winning 6.4-4.5 lead with one game to spare and with that the Mind Champion retained his world title. This win by a huge margin will take Anand to a highest points he ever made. When he was playing in Bilbao, the Grand Slam many said he was not in the Form. Now in Bonn he makes himself a great player of the year. Even if Karmnik wins the 12th match he is going to get only 5.5. So now one can say Anand is the World Chess Champion. Anand started with white pieces with the strong possibility of this being the last game of the match, as the Indian needed only a draw. Despite wanted a Draw to grab the Title Anand started the 11th with a kind of pressure,having lost his 10th game. After all when it came to the Draw he was Happy to Draw the match as well as double happy to Grab the Champioship. Pawar,Chairman of NIIT in a message from New Delhi, said “We congratulate NIIT Mind Champion, Viswanath Anand on becoming the undisputed World Chess Champion”. Even the young team won their Championship that held in Vietnam.