Microsoft pays $50,000 to the Missing Canadian Boy

Xbox, a gaming console manufactured by Microsoft was a hit. Most of the School students as well as college students are addicted to this are pretty good bad. Microsoft had done a great mistake in introducing it because of this console it had to pay $50,000 towards a family that lost their child. Microsoft has offered $50,000 for the whereabouts of a missing Canadian boy who disappeared after being stopped by his parents from playing a video game made by the software giant.An Internet addict, 15 year old Brandon Crisp went missing on October 13 from his home in Barrie city near Toronto after a fight with his parents over overplaying the video game. His father said the boy ran away when they warned the boy not to get addicted to the game Call of Duty 4. Parents were feared that it might Lure his life. When this News appeared on the Television the Ms Executives looked up the Family and Announced the Ex-gratia to search their son. The software giant on Saturday doubled the initial $25,000 reward to $50,000 as there were still no clues about the missing boy after seven days of search.


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